How it works

How Contact Patch works

Attaching Contact Patch

Contact Patches uses three key components:

1. A mounting patch that's glued (using the supplied neoprene-style glue) or sewn to your piece of clothing or equipment

2. A coloured cover patch that act as the identifying mark, protection from the elements and security for your personal information.

3. A 0.3mm PVC card, pre printed with relevant information fields that you then complete using the supplied permanent pen.


Changing your information

To change any of the details on your Contact Patch simply wipe the details off using a rough sponge and some white spirit. Once the PVC card has dried, write your new information on the card, let it dry and place the PVC card back in the mounting spot.


This simple design results in an effective 'ICE' solution, usable in all conditions and across a multitude of sports and environments.